Splendor Solis Books
Book Buying Policy

Thank you for considering our shop as a new home for your books. Our goal is always to find the right new owner for all our titles. We mean it when we say enjoy and love our books and we feel the same about your library as well.


There are a few things that are helpful for you to know before you contact us about your collection, be it 4 books or 4 thousand. As you can see, our shop is very small. In addition to our current catalog, we also currently have approximately 20,000 books or more in storage that require our processing. Which we means have little room for more books. More books!


That does not mean are not interested in your collection. This means we are VERY selective about what we are taking.


First, please understand that condition is an important factor. We DO NOT take books that are missing covers or pages, curled, water stained, written in, ex-library or defective in any way.


Second, antiquarian books are another category all together. Read further below.


Here is a list books we are NOT accepting at this time:

Books about antiques
Children’s / Young Adult
Coffee Table Books
Ex-Library Books
Self - Help

Here is a list of what we will CONSIDER taking:

Art history
Eastern Religion
Some general history
Nature (not coffee table style)
Music scores (not pop music)
Science (current or ‘out of date’)

Antiquarian books: We do accept and will consider antiquarian books, books that are older than 1900. We must be able to see and assess them before we consider these. WE DO NOT APPRAISE BOOKS. While we can give an idea what their general market value might be for them, just be aware that this valuation is not useable for insurance purposes. At the risk of snobbishness, please be aware that old does not alway translate into valuable! There are many factors that play a role in making an older book desirable and valuable, too many to list here. It is almost an art unto itself! Thank you for your understanding.


What to do? If you have one box or less of books feel free to come by our shop and ask about them. If you have a larger collection, please email us about them before you take a trip with them to us for consideration. We will want to know about how many you have, what kind, condition and where they currently are before you schlep your collection around. In certain situations we will do house visits if it can be arranged for much larger collections… actually, if we can, we’d love to!


Money for books: All books are bought for wholesale costs, we do not buy books at retail prices. You can expect around 10% to 30% for the value of your books. We can do store credit good for up to one year. Store credit is 50% more than the cash offer. Example: 20$ cash or 30$ store credit.

PLEASE EMAIL US ABOUT YOUR COLLECTION [email protected] You have a much beter chance of hearing back from us if you email us about your collection than calling. Thank you.